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I make drawings and paintings of remembered and imagined landscapes. They center on my idea of “home”: home as a complex amalgamation of relationships, including body and the outside world. The images I make are invented, in a sense, but sourced in concrete memories of particular places, and my physical and emotional interaction with these places.

These works are usually on paper, and include many layers, erasures, abrasions and minute incisions. They range from very small (a few inches across) to very large in size (up to nine feet). Materiality is important to my work. The experience of touch, and incorporation of organic materials –many kinds of charcoal, graphite, cotton rag, oil paint, inks, even coffee, whiskey and wine— concretize the work’s emphasis on the temporal.

I am very interested in the cohabitation of abstraction and representation, as my experience of place includes the conceptual and emotional as well as the concretely material; for me, they are all intertwined and inter-identifying.